Shelf Creek Falls is a waterfall hidden within the races of Shelf Creek in Rocky Mountain National Park. This waterfall is not marked on maps, but can be found along the hike up to Shelf Lake, a demanding hike on an unmaintained trail in Glacier Gorge. Because this hike is off-the-beaten-path, it is recommended only for those who have a familiarity with Rocky Mountain National Park and who have honed their skills in backcountry travel. See the full trail profile for Shelf Lake for details.

Trail Snapshot: Shelf Creek Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Shelf Creek Falls can be seen in the distance from the trail along Glacier Creek, after leaving Jewel Lake, at approximately 1/4 mile past the Glacier Gorge Campsite/Black Lake signpost. Different segments of the falls, like on the one pictured below, can be seen along the unmaintained trail that leads up to Shelf Lake and Shelf Falls. For a more detailed description of the hike to this area, see the trail profile for Shelf Lake.



Map & Driving Directions

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