Willow Creek Trail at Roxborough State Park

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Willow Creek Trail at Roxborough State Park

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Entering Roxborough State Park is like walking into another world. The red rock and wildlife–and if you are lucky–the low lying cloud cover, conspire to make for a great escape just south of Denver. This short hike in Roxborough is a perfect way to begin exploring the park. Scroll down to get all the information you need for this trail: driving directions to the trailhead, trail map links, and more details.

A birdwatcher’s paradise. Roxborough State Park is Denver’s twin sister of Garden of the God’s in Colorado Springs. The park has cataloged over 140 species of birds that have been viewed in the park. On our first hike in the park, we encountered several Western Tanager’s among the scrub oak.

On our first visit, we brought our dog and had to turn the car around. Roxborough State Park has quite a bit of wildlife and sensitive plant life, so pets are not allowed. Mountain biking and camping are also not permitted.

This would be in our top 5 for visiting family and friends because this Douglas County hike stays at a lower elevation, is easy, and offers awe inspiring views. This is one of our favorite places to visit in the mornings.

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