Echo Lake, Mt. Evans, Colorado

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Echo Lake Trail Near Mt. Evans

Echo Lake, Near Mt. Evans & Idaho Springs Colorado

Colorado’s Echo Lake is looped by an easy hiking trail and serves as a trailhead to even more classic Colorado hikes. When we have friends and family visiting Colorado from out of town, this is one of best destinations for a great views. Go early to Echo Lake to get perfect photos of Mount Evans reflected in the water. Explore the full hike profile below that will give you driving directions from Denver, a trail map, and all the information you need to launch out on this adventure.

A great Colorado park to take visiting family and friends. It’s an hour from Denver and has very short trail, but it’s a great place to introduce others to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and to take in a high Colorado lake. The trail circles Echo Lake and connects to several other trails: Chicago Lakes, Bear Track Lakes trails, which give you access to Mount Evans Wilderness Area which is full of other great hiking trails,and Mt. Evans summit.
Near the parking area, you’ll find a stone picnic shelter which was built in 1937. When the weather is getting hot, it’s a great place for a picnic or a wonderful place to break out the hot chocolate on a snowy winter day.

If you are looking for more Colorado lake hikes, be sure to check out our Lake Hikes Near Denver page.

Echo Lake Colorado Camping

There are great camping opportunities at the Echo Lake Campground near the lake. Near the shores is a spruce forest. For detailed information on camping near Echo Lake in Mt. Evans, see the page.

Tips & Resources for Hiking Echo Lake, Colorado :

  • TIP: Early morning means that Echo lake is still, providing no windy weather, and is a perfect time to photograph or just to observe the rocky mountains reflected in the water.
  • TIP: A nice short Colorado hike can be made by parking at the parking lot (see map above & below), and hiking around the lake to the Historic Echo Lake Lodge. Visit there, then turn around and enjoy the lake on the way back again.
  • TIP: When you finish, drive up to the summit and enjoy the view from the top of Mt. Evans. Or visit Summit Lake Park
  • TIP: One of our favorite day-trips with visitors who are not from Colorado, is to take them to Echo Lake, Mt. Evans Summit (by car), then into Evergreen for Pizza at Beaujos Pizza
  • TIP: In regards to driving to the top of Mt. Evans: We avoid bringing friends who are not in good health. Be sure to have your guests drink plenty of water, and make sure they have had a day or two to get used to the altitude in the mile-high city.
  • Weather: The Weather link below is for Idaho Springs. Weather at the altitude of Echo Lake may be very different, and Weather at the summit will definitely be different. Check this National Weather Service Link for more accurate forecasts.
  • After the Hike: After The Hike: Beaujos in Evergreen
  • Looking for something more adventurous? Try the Chicago Lakes Hike. It starts in the same parking lot.
  • Trail Map for Echo Lake Park: Trail Map Link
  • Colorado Road Conditions: Colorado Road Conditions


Map & Driving Directions

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8 Responses to Echo Lake Trail Near Mt. Evans

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  3. Julia says:

    Hi! Headed out to Denver in September and have included Echo lake to the itinerary (thanks to stumbling upon your wonderfully informative site!). Anyway, I just wanted to ask how early ‘early morning’ is in terms of possibly catching the lake water standing still (if not windy). Thanks :)

  4. Julia, it changes with the time of year. In September, sunrise will between 6:29 (sept 1) and 6:56 (sept 30). Here is a sunrise time chart link. If you are hoping for the best photo opp, then I suggest getting there close as you can to the sunrise time. That will give you time to figure out where you want to set up your tripod, and will give you a variety of lighting conditions as the sun comes up. Conditions should be optimal for that first hour after sunrise. Happy Trails,
    Aaron – DayhikesnearDenver

  5. Meredith says:

    There’s also a BeauJos in closer Idaho Springs. Also highly recommend Tommyknocker’s for craft brew and bison chili. Deelish!

  6. Tim says:

    Beautiful views of the lake and surrounding areas. A great place to bring a picnic as well.

  7. Charles says:

    If you’re going to go up to Mt. Evans and Summit Lake, you are going to enter a National Park and have to pay an entrance fee. It was $15 to go all the way to Mt. Evans and $5 to go to just Summit Lake. Summit Lake though is breath taking, absolutely beautiful.

  8. sherri says:

    After Echo Lake, finish the scenic loop by taking 103 north down the canyon and into Idaho Springs, where the original BeauJos is in a classic old mining town building on Miner St (main st) – a must for tourists!

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