Doesn’t exist! Well, at least not yet. And maybe I’m asking for too much, something like Marty Bartholomew’s Flyfisher’s Guide to Colorado that details trails, and hatches, flows, and info on how to get there. It would be comprehensive and…well…a lot like Dayhikes Near Denver. But for now, the best fly fishing site on Colorado is still a book.

Why Not? Here’s my theory on why no one has done it. First, most sites are maintained by guys who are fishing. They guide a lot and are on the water from thaw to freeze. Second, most sites are crafted around a store or guiding service. Once you get in a certain mindset, it’s hard to break out of it. Like my marketing prof in college said, “The railroad business has to remember that it’s not in the railroad business. It’s in the transportation business.” Finally, we who fish tend to guard our spots – we get protectionistic. That’ll kill such a site pretty quick. But what works now, in the information age, is giving your best stuff away for free. For more on that, check out Chris Anderson’s book, Free.

Iwould love to hear your thoughts:

  • What Colorado flyfishing sites have you found most helpful?
  • Is there a project going on, maybe a forum, that is close to what I’ve mentioned above?
  • Are you doing it? If so, give us the link!