Hiking trails in O'Fallon Park near Evergreen, Colorado

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O Fallon Park Trails

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These hiking trails near Evergreen, Colorado weave through the Bear Creek area in O’Fallon Park. It’s a great place to launch into the Bear Creek Canyon area. Because there are a lot of options, be sure to download the trail map and look over the five different trail options listed below in the hike profile. Scroll down for the full O’Fallon Park Trails profile and to find driving directions, pdf map, and full trail details.

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O’Fallon Park is part of a series of Jefferson County and Denver Mountain Parks that are connected by Bear Creek and the Bear Creek Trail. Quartz riddles the trails and butterflies alight on flowers along the five trails that weave through the park. The O’Fallon Park picnic area is right beside Bear Creek and plenty of shade provided by the Ponderosa Pines that cover it.

Fishing at O’Fallon Park may get you some rainbow and brown trout!

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Trails at O’Fallon Park

1- Meadow View Loop (2.5 miles): We actually hiked this as an out-and-back from the lot up to the vista. Great views up there, but be ready for a steady gain in elevation. It’s some work, but it’s worth it.

2- Panorama Point – (1.3 miles out-and-back)

3-West Ridge Loop – (3 miles)

4- Picnic Loop (1.3 miles): Stays closer to the picnic areas and makes for a nice easy walk with the family before or after lunch.

5-Bear Creek Trail – This trail runs 7 miles from Pence Park parking lot to the Lair o’ the Bear Park lot. Medium in difficulty and a mountain biking mecca.

more dog friendly hikes

Tips & Resources for Hiking O’Fallon Park Trails :

  • TIP: This is another park that can fill quickly on the weekends, but it’s mainly the picnic areas. It’s not necessary to go early, but it’s not a bad idea.
  • TIP: Keep alert for mountain bikers, especially on the Bear Creek Trail. Most of the other trails are hiker only.
  • TIP: Bring a picnic breakfast or lunch.
  • O’Fallon Park Trail Map: Trail Map Link
  • Colorado Road Conditions: Colorado Road Conditions
  • After the Hike: Beau Jo’s Pizza


Map & Driving Directions

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8 Responses to O Fallon Park Trails

  1. […] Trails in O’ Fallon Park Near Evergreen, Colorado […]

  2. creth haas says:

    We would like to know about overnight camping
    And if we can bring our 2 dogs

    Thank you

  3. Creth, O’ Fallon Park is a denver mountain park and I don’t believe it allows overnight camping. However, I do remember a seeing a tent in the meadow when we drove in there a couple years back. My recommendation would be to drive up and read the park sign there at the trailhead. If you can camp there, I’d recommend going on a weekday. The place packs out with large family picnics and I’ve even noticed it to be a weekend biker hangout.
    Here are a few places close in to Denver that have camping spots.
    However White Ranch does: http://jeffco.us/open-space/activities/camping/white-ranch-park/
    Reynolds Park does as well: http://jeffco.us/open-space/activities/camping/reynolds-park/

    You can bring your dogs on the hike into O’Fallon Park.
    If you have more questions, send me an email at [email protected]

  4. Anne says:

    First off, thank you for your website! My friends and I have hike almost every hike in the Evergreen area and we are working our way up the front range.

    Maybe we’ve become hiking snobs, but I have to say, this was not a good hike! We are fine with elevation gain but the views were subpare to the other Evergreen area hikes and there is no point of interest!. The trails don’t seem to be maintained or well marked.

    Oh well, we are off to Elderado Canyon next week!

  5. david zuber says:

    I’ve hiked O’fallon park many times but not recently until today. The trail used to start at the bridge east of the parking lot and it would go up hill until you got to the top below where the houses are. Then you turned right and climbed up one hill to where where the trail leveled off briefly then you climbed again and ended up at a wonderful rock formation where you could enjoy the dramatic view. Now they’ve moved the trail west and below the rocks right next to the Indian Hills road. They’ve also eliminated what was a nice part of the loop through a meadow type area before you eventually headed down the hill. O’fallon Park is a beautiful place but they’ve butchered what was a wonderful hiking loop. Too bad.

  6. James says:

    Walked my dogs up the west ridge today and found it a lovely, undulating and not crowded wander. We enjoyed it very much. Not a destination hike but every moment of the journey was pleasant enough.

  7. Candice says:

    We went up to this park today 7-12-19 and we had planned on grilling up some hot dog and hamburgers. We made this plan because when we went up to this park in the fall there were grills with no cover on them, cool!!!! When we went up there today, there was a cover on the grill and a lock on the grill. How come we can’t grill in the parks? We went to another park over by lookout point and it was the same. Maybe it can be explained to me why?

  8. Candice, I’d have to call the Jeffco Parks office to be sure, but my guess is that they lock them down once the fire danger hits moderate. I’m not sure on that, but the covers and locks do coincide with the fire danger levels.

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