Great Site for Colorado Bird Watchers

July 19, 2010 Comments (0) Blog

Great Site for Colorado Bird Watchers

Colorado Birding Trail Website

I happened upon an excellent site today: Colorado Birding Trail. This is a prime example of what people can create when they work together. It is a cooperative effort of Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado Audubon, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, Colorado Field Ornithologists, Colorado State Parks, and Playa Lakes Joint Venture.

What’s so great about this Colorado birding site?

  • It’s so easy to use: search by bird, region, by trail.
  • Its trails are mapped using google maps – Here is a page with all of the Colorado birding trails listed.
  • Great helps for the beginning birdwatcher (that would be me).
  • Incredible design work by
  • If you are a birdwatcher in Colorado and need to find a trail, this is a great place to start!

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