Pathfinders Hike List - Day Hikes Near Denver

Pathfinders Hike List

Pathfinder List of Hike Options

Below you’ll find a list of hikes that we have not profiled on Dayhikes Near Denver that our Pathfinder Team can use for hike ideas.

A few notes on how it’s organized.

  1. Obviously by Short, Medium, and Longer Distance (not difficulty) hikes
  2. Within the three distance categories, I’ve tried to group them by geographic area, and roughly order them by drive time
  3. The hikes in bold are the ones I’d like to prioritize because we’ve had requests or we know there is some demand for them.


Choosing A Hike

When you choose one from the list email me at and let me know. That way I can take it off the list for the rest of the team. You’re not limited to this list. But send me an email with any of your hike ideas just in case we have already profiled your hike idea or perhaps already have it in production.

If you have already hiked any of the hikes on Dayhikes Near Denver, go in and leave a trip report/comment. These are a huge help to other hikers.

Here’s a link to download the Pathfinder Scope Sheet, our trail report form.

Highest Priority Hikes

  • Hikes in any of the Colorado State Parks
  • Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Short Hikes

Adams Falls – .6 mile – Rocky Mountain National – Granby – info

Lily Lake Loop – .8 mile – Rocky Mountain National – info

Chatfield Dam Trail – 2.7 – Littleton – info

Chatfield Equestrian Loop – 3.2 – Littleton – info

Twin Lakes Near Boulder – 1.4 – Boulder

Walden Ponds – 2.5 miles – Boulder

Wonderland Lake Hike – 3 miles – Boulder

Silver Dollar Lake – 3+ miles – Guanella Pass – info

Vasquez Peak – 3.5 – Near Empire, CO – info

Gem Lake – 3.7 miles – Rocky Mountain National Park

Lily Mountain – 2 miles – Rocky Mountain National Park

Loop Hike in Reynolds Park + Eagle’s View Overlook Spur – 3.7 miles – Conifer Area

Devil’s Backbone Trail – 3.5 miles – Ft. Collins Area

Aiken Canyon Trail – 3.4 miles – South of Co. Springs – info

Medium Hikes

Bear Creek trail at Bear Creek State Park- 4.4 miles – Morrison

Eldorado Springs Trail – 5.7 miles – Golden/Boulder Area

Walker Ranch Homestead Trail – 5 miles – Boulder Area

Herman Gulch to Herman Lake – 6.5 miles – Georgetown Area

Kenosha Pass – 3 to 5 Mile segment of Colorado Trail – info

Lake Isabelle – 4.2 miles – Brainard Lake Trailhead

Manitou Incline – 4 miles – Manitou Springs – info

Stanley Canyon @ Air Force Academy – 4.4 miles – Co. Springs – info

Blue Lake – 5.1 – Brainard Rec Area

Ute Trail to Timberline Pass – 4 miles – Rocky Mountain National Park – Info

Cub Lake – 4.6 – Rocky Mountain National Park – East Side – info

Ouzel Falls & Calypso Cascades – 5.4 – Rocky Mountain National Wild Basin Area – info

Button Rock Preserve: Sleepy Lion Trail to Reservoir – 5.5 miles – Lyons area

The Crags – 5 miles – Divide, CO – info

Pancake Rocks – 5.5 – Teller County – info

Catamount Trail – 6 miles – Green Mountain Falls, CO – info

Cathedral Lake – 5.6 – Aspen Area – info

Seven Bridges Trail – 6.4 – Colorado Springs – info

Butler Gulch – 6 miles – Idaho Springs – info

Crater Lakes – 6 miles – Indian Peaks – info

Buffalo Mountain – 5.5 – Silverthorne – info

Quandary Peak East Ridge Route – 7 miles – info

Longer Hikes


Beaver Brook Trail – 10.1 One way (would need to park a car at one end unless you want to hike 20.2 miles :) – Golden

Bergen Peak – 9.4 – Evergreen

South Boulder Peak – 6.7 – Boulder

Bear Peak – 6.8 – Boulder

Heil Valley Ranch – 7 miles – Boulder

Walker Ranch Loop – 14 miles – Boulder area

Hart Lake – 8 miles – Boulder/Nederland area East Portal Trailhead

Mt. Audubon – 8.4 miles – Boulder/Nederland – Brainard Lake Trailhead

Pawnee Pass and Peak – 9.1 – Boulder/Nederland – Brainard Lake – info

Heart Lake – 8.7 – East Portal Trailhead – info

Devil’s Thumb Lake – 11 miles – Boulder/Nederland Hessie Trailhead

Mt.Democrat, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Bross – 8+ Miles – info

Booth Falls & Booth Lake – 8.7 – Vail Area – info

Timberline Falls Glacier Gorge – 8 miles – Rocky Mountain National Park – Estes Park Side

Chasm Lake – 8.4 – Rocky Mountain National Park – Info

Sky Pond & Sharks Tooth – 9.0 – Rocky Mountain National Park – info

Hallet Peak – 10.3 – Rocky Mountain National West Side – info

Horsetooth Falls Loop – 7.2 – Ft. Collins Area

Greyrock Meadows Loop – 7.2 – Ft. Collins Area – info

Elk Falls Overlook – 10.4 – Conifer Area – We already have done a post on this, but we would like to post an updated one with photos and trail details. info from current post

Cascade Falls North Inlet Trail – 7 miles – Granby Area of Rocky Mountain National Park

Twin Owls Loop – 11 miles – Rocky Mountain National – Estes Side – info

Lawn Lake – 12.5 – Rocky Mountain National – info

Mesa Trail – 13.4 – Boulder – info


Smart & Safe

Before you head out, be sure that you are carrying the 10 Essentials with you. Statistically, day hikers are more susceptible to accidents and worse because they go out only prepared for a short hike. But, as you know, the weather can change in minutes, and so can the stakes. If you are not sure what to pack, check out our Dayhikes Near Denver Hiking Guide. It comes with a packing list. I love to read backcountry survival stories, and so many of those stories end and I’m thinking, “They probably would have lived if they had simply packed a down coat.” So, be sure to throw your down in your pack before you head out, in addition to the 10 Essentials.


(the legal stuff I have to put in)
The pathfinder team is a volunteer association of hikers who share a common love of the outdoors and a desire to help other hikers by informing them about their own trail experiences. By choosing a hike and hiking it, you are acknowledging that hiking in Colorado, is a potentially dangerous activity and can potentially result in injury or death. You are wholly responsible for anticipating potential hazards and evaluating your physical ability to travel the trails you choose. can assume no and will assume no liability for injuries associated with the use of information provided via email exchanges or provided by this site. The trail information on this site and via emails exchanges is to be used for informational purposes only and not intended to be the sole source of technical information for a given trail or area. Weather reports on this site are approximate and based on the nearest town, not the actual site. Trail conditions change and hikers should be aware that weather can change very quickly in Colorado.

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