Looking for things to do in Denver. Hiking is a must. Explore all our trails near Denver.

Hikes In Denver, Colorado

Why drive far when there are a lot of great parks and hiking trails right in Denver, Colorado. If you are on a business trip and want to experience some Colorado trails, then explore these hikes right out our backdoor. We narrow the hikes in this set to hikes that fall within the I-470 perimeter. Explore the hiking trail profiles below and come back to see what new hikes have been added as we continue to build the best collection of hikes in and near Denver.

highline canal hike county line to flyn b park header

High Line Canal Hike – County Line to Fly’n B Park

June 17, 2011 Comments (1) 2-3 Miles, 3-4 Miles, 4-6 miles, About 30 Min, By Difficulty, By Drive Time, Creek or Brooks, Dog Friendly Hikes, Easy, Handicap Accessible, hikes with shade, in denver, littleton hikes colorado, Wetlands

Water flows in the highland canal about 90 days a year. Because the canal only drops two feet per mile, the water, even when it is flowing fast, appears calm. This is part of what gives this trail such a pastoral feel, even though it is close to 470. Immense Cottonwood trees arch over the

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lakes loop trail rocky mountain arsenal header

Lakes Loop Trail at Rocky Mountain Arsenal

July 31, 2010 Comments (0) 1-2 Miles, About 30 Min, Birdwatching, Bison, Deer, Easy, Grassland, in denver, Lakes, Meadows, visiting family friends

An arsenal turned into a Wildlife Refuge. What a great idea! The refuge boasts over 8000 acres and over 300 species of wildlife. It also hosts three lakes and Denver lake hikes. The Lakes Loop Trail at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge is a 1.7 mile loop that winds along the

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Clear Creek Trail in Golden Colorado

Clear Creek Trail in Downtown Golden

July 23, 2010 Comments (5) 1-2 Miles, About 30 Min, best winter hikes colorado, Birdwatching, Creek or Brooks, Easy, Handicap Accessible, hikes near golden colorado, hikes with kids denver, hikes with shade, in denver, visiting family friends

Want a hike to please everyone? The Clear Creek Trail in Golden, Colorado is it! It’s got shade, the kids can bring their bikes, and you can finish your hike with a stroll around downtown. We might get some flack for calling this a hike, because it runs through the business district

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south valley park trails header

South Valley Park Trails

December 4, 2009 Comments (9) 1-2 Miles, 2-3 Miles, About 30 Min, best winter hikes colorado, By Beauty, By Distance, Deer, Dog Friendly Hikes, Easy, Elk, hikes with kids denver, in denver, littleton hikes colorado, Meadows, Mile or Less, Red Rocks, Rock Formations, Wildlife

6 Trails wind through the park. The best place to start is with the Coyote Song Trail. It’s a an out an back trail that takes you right through the main meadow. It also connects with the Swallow Trail to form a loop, making your hike about 1.8 miles. The Lyons Back Trail takes you

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