High Country Hiking Trails Near Denver - Day Hikes Near Denver

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High Country Hiking Trails Near Denver

Want to experience summits and 360-degree views? This set of trails in the high country near Denver, intended for the more adventurous and experienced. Click on the hiking trail profiles below to get information like drive times, maps, and detailed descriptions of these hikes near Denver.

Black Lake Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Black Lake Falls cascades down the towering granite cliffs above Black Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. This trail through Glacier Gorge takes hikers past multiple sub-alpine lakes and several waterfalls. It's a demanding, 10 mile, round-trip hike with significant elevation gain in the heart of RMNP ...
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Chicago Lakes Hike Near Mt. Evans

Want to take in some of Colorado's breathtaking scenery and put some miles under your hiking boots? The Chicago Lakes hike begins at Echo Lake. You'll pass three more mountain lakes as you punch up into the high country of Colorado's Mt. Evan's Wilderness. Explore the full trail profile below for the Chicago Lakes which includes driving directions, map, and ...
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bierdstadt trail near guanella pass

Mt. Bierstadt Trail on Guanella Pass

Summit a Fourteener, Mount Bierstadt, or go for an easy hike with your family high in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. In short, you've got options on this trail near the top of Guanella Pass. You can choose an easy stroll or a difficult hike. Explore the trail snapshot and profile below for hiking, camping, and trail map info. Trail Snapshot: Mr ...
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mt evans summit hike header

Mt. Evans Summit Hike

Mount Evans is one of Colorado's Front Range Fourteeners, and like Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans has a road that takes you to a trail just a few hundred feet shy of the summit where you are likely to see both Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats. The key to exploring Mount Evans is knowing the stops along the way. View our ...
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Shelf Lake Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

You won't find the cascades of Shelf Lake Falls on the map. This tiered, shelf waterfall is hidden away in the high country above Glacier Gorge in Rocky Mountain National Park. Shelf Lake Falls flows out of Solitude Lake then into a creek that spills over the rock shelves of the falls, cutting strange formations out of the snow and ...
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shelf lake rocky mountain national park header

Shelf Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

This demanding hike in Rocky Mountain National Park takes you off the beaten path to two high-mountain lakes, and grants views of several waterfalls along the way. This trail profile provides helpful details for making the journey to Shelf Lake, Shelf Lake Falls, and Solitude Lake. Because the hike to Shelf Lake requires travel on unmaintained trails, it is best ...
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solitude lake rocky mountain national park header

Solitude Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Solitude Lake is an alpine lake situated in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park. Solitude is aptly named, as it is hidden from the main trail system, situated high above Glacier Gorge in the shadow of Thatchtop and Arrowhead Peak. Because the hike to Solitude and its twin sister, Shelf Lake, ...
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st marys glacier near idaho springs colorado header

St. Mary’s Glacier near Idaho Springs, Colorado

The hike up to St. Mary’s Glacier ascends through a beautiful forest and ends with stunning panoramic views--the kind you expect from a perfect short hike in Colorado. If you walk around St. Mary's lake then hike up the glacier, you will gain incredible views of the Rocky Mountains to the west. It is a quick hike--1.5 miles round-trip if ...
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Timberline Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Timberline Falls is a demanding 8-mile round-trip waterfall hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail takes you past Alberta Falls up into beautiful Loch Vale. Beyond Timberline Falls hikers will find Lake of Glass, additional falls, and breathtaking Sky Pond. Glacier Gorge is the home to some of the best hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, and this waterfall ...
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trio falls rocky mountain national park header

Trio Falls Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

Trio Falls is among the most stunning waterfalls that you will encounter in Rocky Mountain National Park, or in Colorado. But it comes at a price: A 15-mile round-trip, demanding hike. Because of this, the hike up to Trio Falls may best be part of an overnight camping trip in the park. Explore the full Trio Falls hike profile ...
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Whitmore Falls Near Lake City Colorado

Whitmore Falls is a lesser known waterfall deep in the mountains of Colorado. But, it just a 1/10th of a mile hike from the pull-off along Engineer Pass Road. It's a great destination hike for those vacationing in the Lake City area and are looking to combine a scenic drive with a short waterfall hike. Explore the full Whitmore Falls ...
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