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Dayhikes Near Denver

Hikes Near Denver

Easy Hikes Near Denver

Home: Easy Hikes Near DenverSome of the best hikes in and near Denver are also some of the easiest hikes. If you are looking for great hiking in Colorado, start here. Most trails on this site are great family hikes.

Waterfalls Near Denver

front_waterfalls_near_denverTrying to find hikes to waterfalls near Denver? Check out our list of Colorado waterfall hikes, and check back as we add more.

30 Minutes From Denver

front_hikes_thirty_minutes_near_denverAre you looking for hiking trails near Denver? Look no further. Here is a set 30+ trails withing 30 minutes of Denver. Driving directions are included with each trail near Denver, Colorado and we provide you with links to park trail maps.

Rocky Mountain National Park Trails

front_rocky-mountain-nationalRocky Mountain National Park is just about 90 minutes from Denver and is one of our best Colorado attractions. Lakes, Streams, waterfalls, and wildlife make this Colorado park a natural wonder.

Dog Friendly Hikes Near Denver

front_dog-friendly-hikesTrying to find places near Denver where you can hike with your dog? We've collected a set of best trails for you and your Dog to hike together in Colorado.

Handicap Accessible Trails

front_handicap-accessible-trailsThere are many excellent handicap accessible trails near Denver. We are adding new Denver area trails often, so keep checking back.

Boulder, Colorado Hiking Trails

front_hikes-near-boulderBoulder, Colorado boasts hiking trails that start right in town at Chautauqua Park. Explore our set of hikes in what is considered the most active, outdoor town in the country.

Find Hiking Trails By Map

front_hikes-by-mapExplore hiking in Colorado by using our map of hiking trails near Denver and even more across the state.

Hikes Near Golden, Colorado

front_hikesneargoldenGolden, Colorado, just West of Denver, is home of Clear Creek, Coors Brewery, and some great hiking trails along the foothills .

Explore Our Most Recent Colorado Hike Profiles

glendale farm trail douglas county open space header

Glendale Farm Trail – Douglas County Open Space

Glendale Farm is a short hiking trail near Littleton, Colorado, that offers a seventeen-acre off-leash dog park. This makes for a great after-work trail run or a leisurely hike when the sun is setting over the mountains and the day is cooling down. Explore the full trail profile below for all the details: hiking trails, trail map, and detailed directions ...
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Tuber Near Drowning on Platte River

Tuber Near Drowning on Platte River

Well, when you have to be revived by CPR, then I guess you can't call it a "near drowning" but a real drowning. A man in his mid-50's was found floating and lifeless in the middle of the Platte River near confluence park on Monday, Aug. 2nd. See the Denver Post Article here. I walk the Platte most days, sometimes ...
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canyon view nature trail castlewood canyon header

Canyon View Nature Trail at Castlewood Canyon

Castlewood Canyon cuts a unique and green landscape into the plains near Denver. It's not the mountains, but it's worth the drive. Castlewood Canyon State Park has created this beautiful paved trail that follows the canyon rim ...
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cliff climbers trail castlewood canyon header

Cliff & Climber’s Trails at Castlewood Canyon

If you want to explore the crags and hidden pockets of Castlewood Canyon State Park, this combination of trails makes for a fun adventure in a part of Colorado that a lot of hikers miss. The park is nestled into the plains Southeast of Denver, and has a lot of hiking options. Check out the trail profile below to get ...
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lakes loop trail rocky mountain arsenal header

Lakes Loop Trail at Rocky Mountain Arsenal

An arsenal turned into a Wildlife Refuge. What a great idea! The refuge boasts over 8000 acres and over 300 species of wildlife. It also hosts three lakes and Denver lake hikes. The Lakes Loop Trail at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge is a 1.7 mile loop that winds along the shores of two lakes in the park, Lake ...
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Missing Mt. Massive Hiker Recovered by Special Ops Soldiers

Missing Mt. Massive Hiker Recovered by Special Ops Soldiers

A woman became separated from her party near Leadville, Colorado this week. She spent all night in the woods on Mount Massive while maintaining contact with Lake County emergency dispatchers on her cell phone. The Fort Lewis based Special Operations Aviation Crew were in the Mt. Massive area to recover the wreckage of the Black Hawk helicopter that went down ...
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Hit by Cannon Fire on the Colorado Trail

Hit by Cannon Fire on the Colorado Trail

I had thought that shooting off fireworks in a nation park was stupid - how about firing a cannon and at a person! A cyclist traveling along the Colorado Trail near Durango was hit by cannon fire last Sunday. By the news coming out, it looks like a dangerous prank perpetrated by a group of teenagers who where camping just ...
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Poison Ivy in Colorado

Poison Ivy in Colorado

In Colorado? I grew up in the Midwest. So, when I moved to Colorado, I was surprised to see fence rows without poison ivy. In fact, I was relieved because I'm incredibly allergic to it. While it's not prevalent in Colorado, it's alive and well. The best way to deal with its toxic leaves is to know how to avoid ...
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Waterfall Hike in Castlewood Canyon State Park, Colorado

Waterfall Hike at Castlewood Canyon

This may be the most accessible waterfall near Denver. If you hit the right parking lot, the hike takes only abut 10 minutes. But is a hike really a hike if it only takes 10 minutes? So, grab a park brochure and find the Northernmost trailhead for the Creek Bottom Trail (Homestead Trailhead). This will add close to 1 mile ...
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The Best Flyfishing Site in Colorado...

The Best Flyfishing Site in Colorado…

Doesn't exist! Well, at least not yet. And maybe I'm asking for too much, something like Marty Bartholomew's Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado that details trails, and hatches, flows, and info on how to get there. It would be comprehensive and...well...a lot like Dayhikes Near Denver. But for now, the best fly fishing site on Colorado is still a book. Why ...
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Nissan Thermos - Best backpacking thermos

The Best Backpacking Thermos – Nissan Commuter Bottle

B urying my thermos in the snow, I then came back for it 4 hours later. Thinking that my hot chocolate had cooled down a bit, I took a quick swig only to burn my lips. I bought this thing because it was good, but I didn't realize it was THAT good! Travel mugs are ubiquitous. All of us have ...
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Medano Fire in Great Sand Dunes National Park - Photo by NPS/David Eaker

Who Sets off Fireworks in a National Park During a Fire Ban?

I had just zipped up my sleeping bag, let out that long sigh before falling asleep, when I heard a loud crackling sound. "Barry, did you hear that?", I said to one of my buddies who had not yet fallen asleep. "Yeh, sounds like something out in the woods - dragging something...something big." Silence. Then a loud BANG rang off ...
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